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My first 10k

It’s your first 10k? Your first race? You certainly have question! It’s time to discover all you need to know about adidas 10k Paris.

It’s race day! You must wear your bib corresponding to your starting SAS. This bib has a chip that times you during your race. This chip will give you your official timing and splits when your race will be over.

Please note that your bib should be worn in the front and on the chest and be well visible.

Your race starts here! To pick up your precious one that will open to you the gates of the race, let’s meet at avenue Foch May 24th from 10AM to 8PM and May 25th from 10AM to 7PM to pick up your bib.

Left luggage zones will be available before, during and after your race from 7AM to 1PM. You could be able to drop off your bag (45x36x20cm maximum size). After your race, you’ll be able to pick up your belongings.

Be aware, some objects are forbidden:

Celebrate your performance with your medal! While your race is over, our volunteers will put around your neck a beautiful medal. Wear it proudly!

No medical certificate or HPC, no race! Mandatory document to validate your participation to the biggest 10km in France, you’ll be ablote to upload yours on your time to account in « my events » section until May 19th. After that, you must bring a paper version of your document while at the bib pick up.

Be aware, your medical certificate must have one of these notes:

  • « running in competition »
  • « sports in competition »
  • « track and field in competition »

« In competition » must be written!

Eat well and drink well! Lets’ meet at 2 refuelling stations on the route to stay well hydrated all along the way. At the end of the race, you’ll find a full refuelling station (with water, dry fruits, gingerbread, pound cake). It’s time to regain your strength! Eat well and drink well! Find your refueling stations here:

  • KM4,8: water, sugar and fruit jelly
  • KM7,8: water
  • KM10: water bananas, dry fruits, Andros Sport special fruit purée, salted biscuits, ginger bread and pound cakes.

NEW: at refuelling station situated at KM7,8, you’ll find water fountains to refill your own flask. No bottle will be available on refuelling stations.

Don't forget that there will also be water jets on the route to cool you down.

Bon appétit !

To have the best possible experience, you’ll access a departure SAS corresponding to your timing goal. You’ll run with other people who have the same running pace as you! Each departure SAS has a color indicated on the bib.

Elite/preferential SAS: Entry hour in the sas 7:45AM / Start time 8AM

Red SAS (-43min): Entry hour in the sas 7:46AM / Start time 8:01AM

Yellow SAS (43min): Entry hour in the sas 7:59AM / Start time 8:14AM

Blue SAS (47min): Entry hour in the sas 8:09AM / Start time 8:24AM

Purple SAS (51min): Entry hour in the sas 8:29AM / Start time 8:44AM

Green SAS (54min): Entry hour in the sas 8:52AM / Start time 9:07AM

Grey SAS (57min): Entry hour in the sas 9:15AM / Start time 9:30AM

Pink SAS (1h): Entry hour in the sas 9:37AM / Start time 9:52AM

Black SAS (1h05 and more): Entry hour in the sas 10:07AM / Start time 10:22AM

Strollers SAS: Entry hour in the sas 10:30AM / Start time 10:45AM

Whatever your goal is, performance or enjoy yourself, you’ll have your official timing at the end of your race. You’ll find it directly on the results section of the website.

Be aware that you must finish the race in less than 1h30 to be considered as a finisher. After that, the sweeper car will overtake you and you’ll have to finish the route by using pedestrians zones.

You don’t know how to dress to run the adidas 10k Paris? That’s a good timing! When you’ll pick up your bib, you’ll also pick up the official tshirt of the race. Wear it with all your style, your friends will turn jealous!

After running, time to enjoy yourself! Come celebrate your performance on the race village. Just for you: food trucks, activities, chill zone, concerts, stretching and many more!

Let’s meet at avenue Foch after your race! Village will have the majestic Arc de Triomphe as guardian and witness of the success of adidas 10k Paris’ runners.